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Anyone Here had a successful assessment with Australian Psychology Society (APS) ?

jkk32wjkk32w MelbournePosts: 677Member
Tryin to help a friend.. hindi na kc sia magpapa assess on experience bale ung bachelors degree lng sana sa pinas papa assess nia. nkalagay kc sa website ng APS na in order to have positive assessment dapat equivalent to 6yrs qualification sa au ang educ attainment. please share po any info para sana d masayang ung assessment fee :D

maraming maraming Salamat :D

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  • mailaadrianomailaadriano Posts: 3Member
    Joined: Dec 15, 2019

    May ng reponse na po ba about this? Im in the same situation po

  • hannakemshannakems Dubai
    Posts: 20Member
    Joined: Nov 05, 2018

    Hi @mailaadriano . I graduated with BS Psychology sa PH and did my APS Assessment last year not for employment purposes nor migration, but for entry to an Australian accredited university course. All of my work experiences after graduating are in Human Resources. So the assessment in my case is to check the level of comparability of my Degree to a study in Psychology completed in Australia. Nagpa-assess ako to check my pathway to migrate to Australia, and if I decided in the future to pursue Psychology there. The results were positive stating that my Bachelor's Degree is comparable to a four year of study in Psychology completed in Australia. I hope nakatulong kahit onti.

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