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Aged care / caregiver

gem12179gem12179 Philippines Posts: 1Member
Hey guys ask q lang about the caregiver course I took a long time ago kung magagamit q ba to apply sa australia? I'm already 38 at ewan kung qualified pa age q.


  • tigerlancetigerlance Philippines
    Posts: 562Member
    Joined: Mar 09, 2018

    @gem12179 said:
    Hey guys ask q lang about the caregiver course I took a long time ago kung magagamit q ba to apply sa australia? I'm already 38 at ewan kung qualified pa age q.

    Tafe in 6 months and meron silang job placement agad. Super mega ultra in demand kasi binigyan silang raise ng fees and if temporary ka, gagawin in 2 years, permanent ka na. And kung student ka, unli working hours up to sawa kahit na sa July 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

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    07/05/2020 CO allocated
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