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My wife will be the primary applicant

Hi we are base in qatar and wants to apply to australia my wife is working as a company secretary and will be the primary applicant while im working in the bank, ano po steps or procedures para maging smooth ang application namin Thanks sa reply


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    Punta ka sa site na ito and check kung anong visa ang pwede sa inyo.. http://www.border.gov.au

    May 2012 - Revalidated ACS Application (System Analyst)
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    11/15/2012 - Received Invitation for 189 (about 2 months after 60 pts effectivity)
    11/24/2012 - 189 VISA Lodged
    11/29/2012 - DIAC Ack :-)
    12/4/2012 - Received FBI clearance. Friend in US sent scanned copy
    12/17/2012 - CO Assigned
    04/17/2013 Visa 189 Granted.. Thank you Lord...
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    Start off first with calculating potential points then proceed with skills assessment
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