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Student Visa (Step by step)



  • babiebabie Mindanao
    Posts: 113Member
    @babie technically meron na ko ticket pero need to rebook since i have to fly earlier than planned. medyo namomorblema ako ngayon sa additonal gastos ng rebooking. haaaay. >_<</blockquote>

    aayyy ganun ba nako maayos rin yan. when ang sked mo to fly sana? san ka nag book


  • atheleneathelene Sydney
    Posts: 342Member
    @babie sana nga maayos na, ilang linggo nalang.... hahaha. plan ko baka around 2nd week ng july pumunta, pero yung nabook ko is july 25 (cebupac). yung time kasi na nagbook ako hindi ko naisip na marami palang kailangan gawin pagdating sa australia. d ko pa nadidiscover ang pinoyau nung time na yun haha. ikaw po kelan mo plano pumunta?
  • babiebabie Mindanao
    Posts: 113Member
    @babie sana nga maayos na, ilang linggo nalang.... hahaha. plan ko baka around 2nd week ng july pumunta, pero yung nabook ko is july 25 (cebupac). yung time kasi na nagbook ako hindi ko naisip na marami palang kailangan gawin pagdating sa australia. d ko pa nadidiscover ang pinoyau nung time na yun haha. ikaw po kelan mo plano pumunta?
    hahaha uu nga june 30 kami aalis


  • atheleneathelene Sydney
    Posts: 342Member
    @babie nice~ kelan ba start ng classes mo?
  • babiebabie Mindanao
    Posts: 113Member
    @athelene sa july 23 po


  • atheleneathelene Sydney
    Posts: 342Member
    @babie i see. hehehe nakaka-excite na pumunta ng AU~ :D
  • daint081189daint081189 dubai
    Posts: 8Member
    hello new here po..sino po pwede mag send ng GtE sample po pang guide lng...pasend nman po sa email ko salamat
    [email protected]
  • KaloysKaloys Posts: 3Member
    Hello po sa lahat!

    Plan ko po mag apply ng student visa.
    Nakapag ielts na po ako na valid till september of this year. May mga kapatid po ako sa australia 2 citizens at isang PR. 23 years old na po ako, HS Graduate pero nag took po ako ng 1 year course ng theology.
    Anu po kaya maisusuggest nyo for me?

    Salamat po sa lahat ng sasagot and God bless!
  • atheleneathelene Sydney
    Posts: 342Member
    edited April 2018
    @Kaloys which kind of studies ba gusto mo and what field? pwede po kasi kayo either vocational or university studies, pero depende po yun kung aling industry ang gusto mong pasukan. culinary? trade occupation? professional work? Hindi po kami makakapagsuggest sa inyo ng pathway kung wala kang sasabihin na preference na trabaho
  • ChefMaChefMa Manila, Philippines
    Posts: 28Member
    @babie ma'am ako po humingi din ng copy ng GTE :) Pero wala pa akong nareceive sa email. [email protected] thanks ma'am and congrats po ulit.
  • cyma18cyma18 Quezon City
    Posts: 4Member
    Hi po! Ano po agency nung mga successful application? Cant decide hahaha Thank you
  • Jess.IcaJess.Ica philippines
    Posts: 3Member
    Hi! I just want to ask. Coz I'm planning to apply for student visa. I'm a BS Psychology undergraduate way back 2010 pa. Possible ba para makapag apply? May maccredit bang units? Or if I take VET courses, ano bang requirements na kelangan kong ipass? Thanks!
  • atheleneathelene Sydney
    Posts: 342Member
    @Jess.Ica Hi! you mean you graduated from university in 2010? Which course do you want to pursue? If it's somewhat related, you'll have to check your prospective program's curriculum (units of competency) kung may kapareho ba sa dati mong course, and then you can ask the university or VET school if they can do RPL (recognition of prior learning) based on your prior degree. Do take note that if you're planning to take another bachelor degree and it's not directly related to Psych, you might not get any credits recognized esp if minors kasi wala sa curriculum nila yung mga college english, maths, theology, etc. Requirements for VET schools are listed in their websites, they would usually have a link to their admissions process.
  • hopefulaunthopefulaunt Adelaide
    Posts: 8Member
  • Jess.IcaJess.Ica philippines
    Posts: 3Member
    @athelene di ko natapos yung course ko, hanggang 3rd year lang. Kaya i'm still undecided kung pwede kaya na ipagpatuloy ko parin yung BS Psychology or enroll in a different course, or VET courses.
  • atheleneathelene Sydney
    Posts: 342Member
    @Jess.Ica If you still want to pursue Psych, I say you still check the curriculum of potential schools to compare their curriculum and the courses you've completed so far. If there are similarities, try to contact the school directly to inquire if it's possible to transfer your credits to them if you decide to continue your studies there. Sila lang kasi makakapagsabi kung maccredit or not, since each school is different when it comes to RPL (recognition of prior learning). I'm not sure though if there are VET courses na related to Psych, so you have to do your own research for that matter.

    If you don't plan to continue your Psych studies (because you want to shift or hindi macredit yung previous courses mo), you are free to choose whatever path you want, as long as yun talaga ang gusto mong pasukan na industry, you can fund your studies, and (ideally) may demand nun sa Pinas (for GTE purposes).
  • sapphires_18sapphires_18 Philippines
    Posts: 87Member
    God is so good! My timeline for my student visa.

    Dec 16, 2017 - IELTS Examination
    Dec 19 - Submitted docs except financial docs, SOP and IELTS to school
    Dec 29 - IELTS Results
    January 8, 2018 - Received conditional offer from school
    March 13 - Submitted financial docs, SOP and IELTS to school (made sure that showmoney is sufficient)
    March 16 - Received full offer from school (with incorrect course end date, which we did not notice)
    March 20 - Paid OSHC via education agent
    March 21 - Received the OSHC Policy then forwarded to school
    March 22 - Paid tuition fee via Flywire at BPI
    March 28 - School informed us that there was a mistake with the course end date, We received the corrected offer letter from school
    March 29 - Received Certificate of Enrollment (CoE)
    April 2 - Medical Exam at St. Luke's Global City
    April 13 - Bought another OSHC Policy and cancelled/refund the previous one
    April 17 - Approval of previous policy refund
    April 19 - Received the correct OSHC Policy and forwarded to the school
    APRIL 20 - Received the ammended CoE
    April 21 - Lodgement of Visa
    April 28 - Visa Grant
  • aranayadaranayad Manila, Philippines
    Posts: 439Member
    @sapphires_18 Congratssss!!!

    Subclass 500 Bachelor of Accounting/ CQUniversity-Rockhampton/ March 2019 intake

    July 18, 2018 - Received Letter Offer from CQU (Unconditional Offer-No IELTS)
    September 15, 2018 -Took IELTS-Academic (IDP)
    September 28, 2018 - Results day OBS: 7 L:8 R:7.5 W:6 S:6
    October 11, 2018 - Received Full Offer from CQU
    October 12, 2018 - Paid OSHC worth AUD$ 1,720
    October 15, 2018 - Paid Tuition to Flywire
    October 17, 2018 - Confirmed CQU received payment
    October 18, 2018 - Medical at St. Lukes-Ermita
    October 22, 2018 - Received email form CQU for additional docs
    Waiting for COE
    October 24, 2018 - Received Confirmation of Enrollment
    October 25, 2018 - Lodged visa
    October 26, 2018 - Grant

    Thank you Lord!

  • ysabelleysabelle Sydney
    Posts: 139Member
  • sapphires_18sapphires_18 Philippines
    Posts: 87Member
  • sapphires_18sapphires_18 Philippines
    Posts: 87Member
    @ysabelle hello :) CQU Melbourne ako
  • sapphires_18sapphires_18 Philippines
    Posts: 87Member
    edited April 2018
    Question pala sa mga may visa grant na dito with spouse as dependent under Master's Coursework. As per the work rights of my husband, 40 hours per fortnight lang daw siya pwede magwork unless my course is under Master's Research or Doctorate degree.

    However, according to DHA's website, it is indicated that a dependent can work for more than 40 hours per week as long as the primary student is rendering masters degree by COURSEWORK or RESEARCH or Doctorate.

    We will ask the embassy tomorrow if the work rights stipulated are correct but I just want to get your opinion as well, baka nagkamali lang sila. Thank you sa mga magrerespond.
  • anghela148anghela148 Philippines
    Posts: 5Member
    Hi all,

    I currently working as a programmer here in the Philippines. But when my ninong visited me at home, he asked me if I'm interested in going to Australia by applying for a student visa. He told me that he has a nephew with a business there that could give me a part-time job to cover my school, dorm, food/transpo expenses, etc. So I started researching for the requirements. I have a lot of questions but I think I should start with this one: Can you give me a list of schools offering IT courses preferrably: programming course and in/near Sydney? Thank you.
  • atheleneathelene Sydney
    Posts: 342Member
    @anghela148 There's actually tons of schools offering IT courses, both VET and universities. The main question would be what kind of qualification are you after? Diploma/Certificate? Master's degree? Another bachelor degree? And are you planning to migrate as an IT specialist/programmer? Your choice of school and program would be dependent on your nominated occupation, because really there are so many schools to choose from. You'll have to narrow down your options based on your interests.

    As for schools, you can start looking at TAFE NSW, Western Sydney University, University of Sydney, UNSW, UTS, Kent Institute.
  • agentKamsagentKams Australia
    Posts: 758Member
    @sapphires_18 hi, i was in masters coursework and my partner-dependant worked fulltime. did you check vevo?

    Timeline: Student Visa Subclass 573 (Masters)
    06 July 2015: Visa Grant
    22 July 2015: First day of class
    Feb 2016: Change program to dual
    Nov 2017 : Finished MBAC program
    April 2018: Uni Graduation

    Timeline: Permanent Visa (189) Accountant 221111
    26 Aug 15: PTE-A Result- OK! ( L84 W80 R77 S69)
    28 Aug 15: Email sent to CPAA for Assessment
    14 Sept 15: Positive Assessment received from CPAA
    14 Sept 15: Lodged EOI (60 pts 189/65 pts 190) - lapsed
    17 Nov 2017: Lodged EOI (75 pts 189 / 80 pts 190)
    08 March 2018: PTE-A Retake - Superior (L87 W90 R90 S90)
    16 March 2018: Updated EOI (85 pts 189/90pts 190)
    12 April 2018: NSW pre-invite [lapsed, EOI withddrawn]
    18 April 2018: ITA received - Visa 189
    04 May 2018 : Lodged Visa Application - Visa 189
    29 Aug 2018 - First CO Contact - PCC Qatar (partner)
    9 Jan 2019 - 2nd CO Contact - penal waiver
    18 Jan 2019 - Updated immiaccount with penal waiver
    29 Jan 2019 - Forwarded PCC to gsm.allocated email
    8 Feb 2019 - Visa Grant - Finally!!

  • ChefMaChefMa Manila, Philippines
    Posts: 28Member
    Anyone here nag change career sa Au na Visa approved at Gte approved?
  • anghela148anghela148 Philippines
    Posts: 5Member
    edited April 2018
    @athelene Which kind will have a higher chance of getting a programmer job in the future? I guess getting a diploma/certificate is cheaper than bachelor’s degree but if that would affect my chances, I can go for another bachelor’s degree. Yes I’m planning to migrate there.

    By the way, I’ve read about the new 2017-2018 Medium and Long Term Strategic Skill List (MLTSSL). Item 115 - Developer Programmer with ANZSCO code 261312 is on the list. Do you happen to know anything about this? Can I go down that 189 visa route instead of a student visa? Here’s my brief backgroud -
    BS Computer Engineering
    Mapúa Institute of Technology
    2 years working experience as software developer/programmer.
  • danyan2001usdanyan2001us Melbourne
    Posts: 2,499Member, Moderator
    good luck to all of you guys.....

    primary applicant- wife
    arrived melbourne- July 28, 2010

  • sapphires_18sapphires_18 Philippines
    Posts: 87Member
    @agentKams Thank you for replying. I just checked it now.

    His work limitations states "The Visa Holder has limited Work Entitlements" BUT there is a note below that "Family members of students studying a Masters or doctorate (PhD) can work unlimited hours once the primary student visa holder has started their course." Ganito rin ba sa dependent mo?

    I am concerned because the term coursework is not included in his visa grant pdf file. Masters by research and doctorate lang. The agent already emailed them and will wait for their response.
  • atheleneathelene Sydney
    Posts: 342Member
    @anghela148 According to Immitracker, there have been Developer Programmers who have been granted visas under 189, so you can definitely try that. If you're worried about job opportunities, I suggest you look through job hunting sites like Seek Australia, Indeed, Jora, etc. and check for openings applicable to your field, and see if your skillset would fit most of the job openings.

    Diploma/certificate is definitely cheaper, but you'll have to check if their curriculum fits what you really want to learn. Because some universities have unique courses/units that are only available there and not offered by VET schools. Since you already have a bachelor degree, you can look through masters programs, which can take as long as diploma courses (2 years). Of course, the downside is that they will cost you twice as much (around AUD 15k per sem).

    If you will go straight for GSM (general skilled migration), you can definitely do so but you might need a lot of points to get an invitation right away (maybe 70+). With your 2 year work experience, you won't get any points for overseas work experience because the minimum is 3 years (excluding the year you are "unskilled," usually the first year you work). The student path is advisable only if you can afford it and/or if there are no other ways for you to claim points and increase your EOI points.
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