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Latest State Nomination updates for 489 to 491 visa

The subclass 489 visa will close from 16 November 2019. The Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs have announced that the last day for states and territories to nominate and issue invitations for the subclass 489 applicants will be 10 September 2019. Some states are progressively closing their subclass 489 Skilled Regional state nomination program to new applications. Below are the latest state announcements. A new Skilled Worker Regional (Provisional 491) visa will be introduced on 16 November 2019 and this will replace the 489 visa.

South Australia (SA)

State nomination applications for the 489 visa has closed.

As of 14 August 2019 at 11am, Immigration SA is no longer accepting state nomination applications for the 489 visa. State nomination applications for the 190 visa can continue to be submitted.

Department of Home Affairs has advised that 10 September 2019 is the last day for states and territories to nominate subclass 489 applications in SkillSelect. This will allow applicants 60 days to lodge their Skilled Regional (Provisional) 489 visa application to the Department of Home Affairs before the visa ceases on 15 November 2019.

A new Skilled Worker Regional (Provisional) 491 visa will be introduced on 16 November 2019.

Immigration SA is endeavouring to finalise the state nomination applications for the subclass 489 visa prior to the Commonwealth deadline of 10 September 2019.

State nomination applications for the Skilled Nominated 190 visa can continue to be submitted and will be processed once the subclass 489 applications are finalised and this will most likely be after 10 September 2019.

Tasmania (TAS)

Closure of Tasmania‘s subclass 489 Skilled Regional Visa Program

The Department of Home Affairs has announced the 10th of September 2019 as the last day for state and territory governments to nominate and invite applicants for the subclass 489 visa.

In response to the announcement, the Tasmanian Government is progressively closing its subclass 489 Skilled Regional state nomination program to new applications:

CLOSED (as of 13th of August 2019)

  • Category 3A – Overseas applicant (TSOL)
  • Category 3B – Overseas applicant (Job Offer)

Closed on 20th of August 2019 for remaining onshore categories:

  • Category 1 – Tasmania graduate
  • Category 2 – Working in Tasmania
  • Category 4 – Family in Tasmania
  • Category 5 – Small Business Owner

Tasmanian businesses employing skilled migrants to fill skill shortages can consider other visa programs including the subclass 190 Skilled Nominated visa and the subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa if eligible.

Due to the large volume of nomination applications we have received, we cannot guarantee all lodged 489 applications will be assessed before the Department of Home Affairs’ closure date on 10th of September 2019.

If your application is not finalised by the 10th of September 2019 by the Tasmanian Government, your application will no longer be able to be processed.

Eligible skilled migrants can apply for visa state nomination of the new subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional visa from the 16th November 2019.

Nomination requirements for the new visa program will be published on our website in due course. We recommend that you seek migration advice regarding your options.

We will prioritise applications lodged by skilled migrants currently living in Tasmania and/or working for Tasmanian businesses.

Due to the current focus on processing subclass 489 applications, the processing times for subclass 190 applications may be extended during this period.

Victoria (VIC)

Upcoming closure of subclass 489 visa nominations.

The Department of Home Affairs announced that 10 September 2019 will be the last day for States and Territories to be able to nominate and issue invitations for subclass 489 applicants.

Following this announcement, Victoria’s Skilled & Business Migration Program (SBMP) will close to subclass 489 nominations on 5 September 2019 (11.59pm AEST) and will not be accepting any new subclass 489 nomination applications after this time. This will not affect applications already lodged with our office.

What this means for you: SBMP will finalise subclass 489 applications lodged on or before 5 September by 10 September 2019
If your client receives an invitation to lodge a subclass 489 visa with the Department of Home Affairs, please lodge the visa within 60 days of invitation, as our program will be unable to issue you with another nomination from 10 September 2019.

More information on the nomination process for the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) will be announced soon.

New South Wales (NSW)

Please continue to visit this page for further information as it becomes available. NSW has announced the below closure dates for the 489 visa.

Central West: Closed – 06.08.2019
Far South Coast: Closed – 02.08.2019
Mid North Coast: Closed – 08.08.2019
Murray: No date announced (as of date of this article)
Northern Inland: Closed – 19.08.2019
Northern Rivers: Closed – 09.08.2019
Orana: Closed – 09.08.2019
Riverina: Closed
Southern Inland: Closed

Queensland (QLD)

Queensland is not accepting 489 applications at this stage and has announced that due to high demand, it is unlikely that the subclass 489 program will reopen (for skilled applicants) due to the closure for nominations on 10 September 2019 (to be replaced by the new subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa).

Western Australia (WA)

In order to support the transition from the 489 visa to the new 491 visa, WA Migration Services has established the below timeline to ensure adequate processing of applications. If you would like to receive WA State nomination under a 489 visa you will need to ensure you meet the dates outlined below.

During this time all WA State nomination applications under a 489 visa will be priority processed.

Note: The Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) is not affected by this change and WA Migration Services will continue to issue invitations and process applications under this subclass as per normal.

Timeline of Transitional arrangements

9 August 2019 Invitations to apply for WA State nomination will be issued. This will be your last opportunity to be invited to apply for WA State nomination under a 489 visa.
29 August 2019 A decision ready application for WA State nomination under a 489 visa must be lodged. Any extra supporting evidence requested by WA Migration Services must also be submitted by this date.
30 August 2019 Invitation links to apply for WA State nomination under a 489 visa will expire.
5 September 2019 If your 489 WA State nomination application has been approved, your State Nomination Agreement must be signed and returned to WA Migration Services by this date.
6 September 2019 WA Migration Services will finalise all nominations for approved applications in SkillSelect.
11 September 2019 The 489 visa will no longer be an option available in SkillSelect. No new EOIs can be lodged under this visa subclass.
15 November 2019 Applicants will have until 11.59 pm to lodge a 489 visa application with Home Affairs.
16 November 2019 Candidates can commence lodging new EOIs in SkillSelect for the 491 visa option.
21 November 2019 Invitations to apply for WA State nomination under the new 491 visa will commence.

If you wish to be invited for WA State nomination under a 489 visa in August

To be considered for an invitation for WA State nomination under a 489 visa you will need to ensure you have lodged an eligible EOI in SkillSelect. The August invitation round will be the last time WA Migration Services will issue invitations to eligible EOIs under a 489 visa. Invitations are anticipated to be issued by 9 August 2019.

Northern Territory (NT)

Upcoming closure of Skilled Regional (Provisional) subclass 489 visa nominations

MigrationNT will stop accepting subclass 489 visa nomination applications in the following order:

  • offshore applicants – close of business on 30 August 2019
  • onshore applicants – close of business on 6 September 2019.

Applicants must note the following key points:

  • due to the large volume of applications received, MigrationNT cannot guarantee that all subclass 489 nomination applications will be finalised before the deadline of 10 September 2019
  • if your application is not finalised by 10 September 2019, MigrationNT will contact you after this date
  • if you are an onshore applicant and have a visa expiring before 16 November 2019, contact MigrationNT through the online application portal
  • you should submit decision ready applications with all required documents attached.

Key dates

30 August 2019: last day for offshore applicants to lodge nomination applications to MigrationNT.

6 September 2019: last day for onshore applicants to lodge nomination application to MigrationNT.

10 September 2019: last day to issue nomination for subclass 489.

16 November 2019:

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State and territory requirements

Each state and territory has its own list of occupations, requirements and processes you must follow.

More information about the requirements and processes on how Australian states or territories nominate applicants is available.

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