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  • @Heprex said: Ano resources nyo for Citizenship Test maliban sa Our Common Bond? any practice exams site na ginamit kayo or app? Thanks! for us, iyong nasa immi website lang at iyong book enough na to pass the test.
  • Thank you @alp, course description lang din ang confirmed na pwede nila ibigay. We will try to complete the docs na para makapaglodge for assessment. Thanks again!
  • Asking for help in behalf of my sister. She is having a hard time securing syllabus from her school, Emilio Aguinaldo College. May mga previous graduate po ba dito from this school year 2012 para makahiram ng copy? Is course description and syllabus…
  • @chemron9400 said: thanks for this thread na makatulong sa desisyon ko. I got invited to apply kasi sa SA nominated chemist offshore 491. Nahihirapan tlga ako magdecide kung mag stay na lng sa Dubai or e push ko ang Australia. Sobrang nahihirapan…
  • I have done this, no problem naman with the student visa application kasi EOI pa lang naman. Iba case siguro if invited or may lodged visa na.
  • @ligthingzaix said: I see I guess baka mag MU nalang ako. Natanggap ba ung mga Sydney Universities kahit wala masyadong experience?(Around 6 months palang) Plus meron akong relatives na Australian Citizen and may nabasa akong cases na nadedeny un…
  • @ligthingzaix said: Hello, so plan ko mag master's sa sydney. Plano kong course is IT related and 2 schools pinagpipilian ko, UTS and Macquarie Uni. Mas mura kasi sa MU compared sa UTS (Around 1 million less) gaano kahalaga ung pangalan ng school…
  • Hi @Olimori , For me re payslips - at least few nung nagstart and a few before I resigned. Para lang makita nila iyong continuity. For document presentation, pinagsama ko iyong lahat ng documents per employer, Payslips, SSS, Contract, employee test…
    in Accountant Comment by agentKams July 4
  • @Olimori said: @agentKams thank you! yung bank statement ba should be yung payroll account ko dati? naclose ko na din kasi yun.. ilang months din po yung bank statement? lahat ba ng years na nasa firm? yung tax certificate yung file…
    in Accountant Comment by agentKams July 1
  • @era222 said: * Also, has anyone done Master's in Australia in any program (whether related sa background or not) specifically to claim more points? * Would you recommend kahit anong Master's course lang, or better target na rin yung m…
  • @Olimori said: Wala na akong nakeep na payslips from previous employer, ano ginawa at sinumbmit nyo po for the skills assessment? Bank statement, sss, tax certificate and contract.
    in Accountant Comment by agentKams July 1
  • Hello, just getting insight. How much na po ba salary ng medtech ngayon sa pinas? Board passer with years of experience. either private or governement? Thank you.
  • Building in regional qld, with 10% DP ( 5% sa land and 5% sa build). Almost half mil for land and house package. Achievable iyan, focus lang sa goal. Also have a good saving habit para alam mo kung kelan mo matarget iyong pagbili mo ng forever home …
  • @harryalbeldaofw said: Hi everyone - meron na ho bang naka-experience dito ng delay ng approval after citizenship interview and test? It's been a week na po kasi in my case after my exam and interview, and until now i have yet to receive approval…
  • @Heprex said: Just found out that our GP is not yet citizen nor PR. Any further alternatives? Do you have school aged kids? * Teacher employed on a full-time basis at a school or tertiary education institution or * Dentist (…
  • @Desert_Cowboy will depend sa credit score mo, if by 3 months masatisfy sila na you will have the ability to pay. Kasi they will look into your bank account, mga expenses mo and iyong mga regular mo na binabayaran like rent, phone plan etc kung wala…
  • most likely mahihirapan ka dahil first nila chinicheck iyong credit score mo.
  • @Heprex said: Hi everyone, regarding form 1195. wala ako kakilala ng more than a year dun sa list "List of professions and occupations". any alternatives and suggestion? Thank you. your GP or accountant?
  • @queenbee360 said: Saang state po sila? Nasa WA po ako ngayon. Nag try rin ako with PathWest pero wala pa ring update from them. Regional QLD.
  • @megumi you can't be classified as working holiday maker dahil wala ang Philippines sa list. You can be an australian resident for tax purposes if you satisfy the criteria in the ATO website (
  • @queenbee360 speaking from friends experience na AIMS passer, yes they had a hard time. Nagapply muna sila as phlebo sa government hospital. After 3 years nabigyan siya ng chance sa lab with constant checking kung may opening sila.
  • @patpapat we had ours signed and dated after the day we got our eligibility.
  • @se29m actually iyan din nakalagay dun sa build contract, kaya iyong build estimate in days nila is 333 days, so almost 1 year. stay positive na lang tlga. hehe
  • @se29m hala bakit ang tagal? magbuild pa mandin kami this year. san ka located?
  • Sharing our Australian journey: Date of arrival to Australia on Student Visa: July 2015 Date of Permanent Residency: Feb 2019 Date and year of Citizenship Eligibility: Feb 2020 Citizenship app lodged: July 2020 Citizenship exam : 30 June 2021…
  • I often see na ganito iyong case sa CPA australia, what I did is nagsubmit ako ng table detailing ano anong subject iyong included sa CPA subject na inevaluate nila. Got positive assessment naman.
  • waiting pa din kami ng oathtaking ceremony. We have received our approval 24th July 2021. Toowoomba QLD.
  • @ambry you need your work experience signed by your manager who is a full member of CPA Australia or IFAC member. There is a particular work experience form you need to fill out for this.
  • @jakibantiles bulk buy sa butcher for the meat, weekend market for the veggies/fruits. bumibili ako ng maramihan pag 1/2 price esp rice sa coles/woolies.
  • @cyborg5 paper application ang child visa 101

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