If you are just starting your journey and wish to have a good grasp on the latest Australia migration changes especially on Skills Assessment matters. This is another comprehensive overview from our MARA Partner - Visa Consort explaining the importance of Skill Assessments also the pitfalls or mistakes to avoid. Click here if you want to know more
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  • Mukhang hindi active sa forum mga mtbikers ng SA. Hehe kung may interested sa trail rides, shoot me a message. We ride during weekends. Tara?
  • Tama si @Kaidan, maski interstate travel ngayon sobrang higpit.
  • > @maureenguelan said: > @ignorms hello, sorry late rply hnd ko agad nabasa to, > 2months lang kme s sA kse mdyo mahirap tlga maghanap dun at puro part time, so we decided to moved here in queensland, rockhampton dahil may good offer …
  • Sa experience ko, mostly yung mga Aussies na walang trabaho ang galit sa migrants. Yung tipong ang tingin nila sayo e makiki-agaw ka sa benepisyo nila. Never encountered racism in the workplace, or even in applying for job. All is fair 'ika nga. Str…
  • @shizuoka2020 family of 3 kami nung magmigrate. Nasa Php500k+ din nagastos namin, for visa190, kasama na fee for the agent. Never nangako ng work or job offer ang agent, kaya ingat sa ganong too good to be true na offer. Anyway, kung interested ka p…
  • @daemon33 said: Hello, Mag BM na din kami ng wife ko most likely end of April 2020. Originally, plano pa namin mag PH. Purpose is to take driving lessons. Hahaha sa tinagal na ng existence ko ni hindi man lang ako nakakuha ng PH driving …
  • Depende sa scope ng work experience mo. Might want to consult with migration agent, they could help you "lock in" with which skill on the list your experience would fit.
  • @abroadero said: Nice... Just keep on making video, post it in YouTube.https://www.abroadero.com/2020/03/i-travelled-australia-using-emountain.html Kuya Robbie! Follower moko sa YT! Haha Nice contents btw! I'm also posting vids at YT, …
  • Balik ko lang sa topic: I would advise to get an agent. Less hassle at more peace of mind. Pero never be complacent kahit nag agent ka. Merong other visa opportunities kasi na pwedeng ma-miss ng agent mo, lalo na kung diverse yung skill set at exper…
  • Welcome to ADL @jaceejoef! Enjoy the weather before it gets too cold.
    in BM to SA(489) Comment by ignorms March 5
  • @maureenguelan said: Hi everyone, we are excited to go there on dec 28, family of 5 po kame. Sa pooraka area po kme nkhnap ng place ok po ba dun s area? Thanks Kamusta ang pagsettle niyo sa SA @maureenguelan?
  • @beecool79 said: hello po. BM po namin by July.looking for room na pede po marentahan for married couple near CBD. baka po may makakatulong kahit po medyo matagal tagal pa (how much po ? ). thanks po and God bless! Hi beecool! You can che…
  • @ju.litnac said: Musta na po mga SA Migrants. Ano na po weather jan Pa-autumn na, so palamig na, pero di pa sweater weather.
    in BM to SA(489) Comment by ignorms March 2
  • Invest in a good vacuum flask, magbaon ka ng tubig! Dahil $4 ang bottled water dito na kinse lang sa Pinas.
  • Attitude adjustment talaga pagdating dito. Migrating and starting life in Australia is a very humbling experience.
  • @Pixiepie so pagpunta ng clinic, ask them for a catch up immunisation for our child? We tried calling a nearby childrens hospital kasi, di makapagbigay ng complete info yung nakausap namin. Maybe we'll try smaller clinics.
  • Hello guys, how did you process the update of immunisation of your child/children here at Au? Kasi kailangan registered and updated ang immunisation before you can make claims sa centrelink for anything.
  • Meron mga items na outright bawal, meron din yung pwede pero in limited quantities lang. Better check na lang sa au border security pag may gustong dalhin kung puwede, at hanggang ilang quantity.
  • Nakapagdala kami sobrang daming wintermelon milk tea at limang box ng donuts. Declare lang. I was initially against bringing anything, lalo na yung donuts, baka mapatapon lang, sayang. Pagbaba sa Sydney, ang daming may dalang box ng Mister Donuts! S…
  • @slim_beech true, hindi naman ganon ka strict sa Sydney Airport. Nagdala na din ako laptop on our first visit sa Sydney, may laman mga movies, di naman binuksan. Pero nitong BM namin, inisip ko masyadong malaki ang consequence, kaya nagbura ako ng a…
  • Update din sa amin. We went to vodafone on the day we arrived. Got our sim plans. May discount pag bundled. Need passport and some bank detail for postpaid plan. Sunday, updated our CV's, sent job applications. Monday, went to Commbank for identific…
  • BM na din namin bukas ng gabi, pero stay lang muna sa Sydney for a few days. Plan namin is kuha lang muna ng phone line, puntahan yung iniopen na account sa Commbank at practice magdrive ng right hand drive, sa Adelaide na yung iba. Ano requirements…
  • @fruitys , yup, also saw that list. What shocked me and my wife was that they included Chemist again into the skill priority list. That was my wife's occupation, but got removed last July 2017. So we opted to pursue our Oz dream with another skill, …
  • Yes. Requirements siya, at kailangan mo din nung hard copy nun pagdaan ng immigration.
  • Congrats @mycroft_holmes ! @michaelguanzon_ust , galing naman, ang dami nang nagawa agad! Good luck sa buhay Aus! Lipad na din kami thus friday pa-Sydney, then ADL after a week. About sa phone sim, passport lang din ba ang kailangan pag postpai…
  • @ginpomelo kung PR, madalas hindi naman hihingiin ang mga ito: Deed of Absolute Sale for Condo ORCR of Car Joint Bank Account SOA Unless i-require na magprovide ng proof of financial capacity. Most of the time, declaration lang. For all documents,…
  • A ok. Oo nga, mga PR visas lang ang inaasikaso nila, hindi student visas. Maglalabas ng updated list ang Australia I think by July (not sure), pero there is no assurance na magdadagdag ng skills sa list. Hopefully makakuha ka ng magandang advise fr…
  • Hi everyone, quick question: Can you create an Australian bank account and deposit money to it WHILE in the PH? Yes. We opened an account on Commbank just recently. They have a savings account specifically for new migrants.
  • Why not try Respall? We've been assisted by Respall through our migration journey, from the start. Pricey, but no regrets.
  • Dun din sa South Australia website bro..kung saan tayo nag submit ng State Sponsorship A ok. Nagregister na pala kami sa migration.sa, nilagay lang naming arrival details, at nag-avail kami ng "meet and greet" service nila.

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