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  • Most likely scam ito. Not Mayfair Hotel Adelaide but Mayfair hotel pa rin https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.washington-mayfair.co.uk/docs/Recruitment%20Fraud%20Warning%20-%20WH.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwj9idbxv…
  • Well, if you are PR or Citizen in AU, you don't need to apply for any Visa to work/live in NZ
  • PHI came in handy for us. My wife needs to have a procedure. Thru the public health system, It would take a wait time of 6-8 months. It was not life-threatening but I can't let my wife (or any of my family members) to suffer while waiting for the pr…
  • For those who opted not to get Private Health Insurance(PHI) for now, some PHI services will have a wait time before you can avail it. Most of the time, it's one year after availing it.
  • lol. Sounds like an identity theft scam. They might use your detail to apply loans.
  • @maguero said: Buhayin ko lang yung thread. Meron bang bumili ng demo car? Mas advisable ba ito kesa sa secondhand na kotse? Hindi ko pa na experience bumili ng demo pero ang advantage ng Demo is lower price ng Brand new at may residual …
  • Kung IT sa Bathurst, I think sa mga university/technology park doon. Sa tingin ko limited lang. https://www.seek.com.au/jobs-in-information-communication-technology/in-Bathurst-NSW-2795
  • @Butterfly8i8 said: im looking into private health insurance and keen on getting Bupa, any thoughts or suggestions? I only have experience with Bupa and Medibank. I switched to Medibank from Bupa due to discount from my work(about 15%). …
  • @brodpete77 said: Hello everyone! Ask lang po sana ako pano computation ng tax sa Australia. I am from Abu Dhabi at wala dito tax and will be moving to SA this July. If earning 65k annually ano po computation ng tax? How much would be the weekly …
  • @Butterfly8i8 said: hi guys, may naka-experience na ba magpa-dentista sa Au, like cleaning and filling? tsaka free din ba sya sa medicare? Child Dental lang ang alam ko covered. Most of the time Private Health Insurance gamit namin sa mg…
  • I was on subclass 457 before. During my transition to subclass 186, my employer wants me to focus on my work instead of spending time on the application. They hire a migration agent (the same agent who did my 457). All I have to do was submit doc…
  • merong pila dun, at meron ding nag aassist na airport staff, minsan kasi, may taxi drivers natanggi sa pasahero lalot madami bagahe at malapit lng.. look for him to assist. Kung maraming talagang bagahe, may mga maxicab na van-type na mga ta…
  • * May taxi ba na available 24hrs yung malalaki kasi madami kaming bagahe. Wala kasing susundo samin. May taxi at uber * Meron bang mabibilhan na simcard sa airport? Meron usually stall ang mga mobile carriers doon. H…
  • Cyber security - some jobs require Australian Citizenship lalo na sa goverment projects.
  • Very long post Good read! To sum it up "don't discriminate" and "be humble"
  • 482 is temporary working visa. 186 is PR. Kung d ako nagkakamali, kailangan mo na at least 3 years ka sa company,para ma apply from 482 to 186
  • * yes, may ibat ibang path regarding ito. Meron subclass 186, Employee Nomination Scheme(ENS), kung willing yun employer mo. * Yes, puwede mo isama sila sa Work Visa mo as dependents.
  • @johnnydapper is correct. Its a new policy that took effect last year.
  • Ang policy ko dito is "when in doubt - declare" Ganito yun passenger arrival card https://www.abf.gov.au/entering-and-leaving-australia/crossing-the-border/at-the-border/incoming-passenger-card-(ipc)
  • For outside AU, we usually just get travel insurance but that is for short term vacation. For long term stay in the Philippines, just get a PH-base Private Health Insurance(PHI). While the kids are in the Philippines, you can suspend the AU PHI an…
  • More info on https://sydneypcg.dfa.gov.ph/dual-citizenship
  • AFAIK, its illegal. Once you obtain Australian citizenship, you will lose your Filipino citizenship and the validity of your passport. You have to re-apply for a Filipino citizenship, then passport.
  • @DreamerA More info dito https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/family-tax-benefit/who-can-get-it/residence-rules/newly-arrived-residents-waiting-period
  • Find a dentist and they will refer you to an orthodontist.
  • Be honest sa CV at interview. Karamihan ng technical questions ay base doon.
  • Mayroon First Home Owners Grant which is about 10k sa NSW. 15k yun dati. Repayments is based sa borrowed amount at lenght ng loan. May mga calculator online like https://www.commbank.com.au/digital/home-buying/calculator/home-loan-repayments. …
  • @Noodles12 said: @jennahvelasquez said: Kung sakali naman na wala ka pa ngang sasakyan habang nag hihintay na magka license, let say hinintay mo yung 4 months para sure ka na 3 yrs eh okay naman ang commute dito. Like bus a…
  • @romamon said: ask ko lang po aside from realestate.au, meron pa po ba alam kayong app para makahanap ng house for rent sa melbourne cbd or nearby? nakakafrustrate maghanap haha https://www.domain.com.au/
  • @carlosau said: @ali0522 said: @carlosau ano po ba mga general interview ng mga australian? yung applicable po sa lahat? mahigpit po sila? Pag Indian mahigpit, pag puti madali lang. Pero sa trabaho, weak ang mga anaps …
  • @carlosau congrats. Well done!

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