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Further Medical Assessment Requested

reizeilreizeil NSWTotal Reaction Points: 0Member
edited July 4 in Other Migration Topic Posts: 8
Hi, just wanted to ask for any inputs if anybody has experienced this. I am currently in Australia under 457 visa and has an ongoing 189 application. My husband and my son (457-dependents) are still in the PHL. They are planning to move here in AU as soon as 189 visa is granted.

The problem is, during my son's medical, he got a boundary result of 10mm during TB Skin Test. He is being requested to perform sputum test. However, being a 3-year old kid, he cannot produce sputum. The lady nurse tried to pat his back to produce sputum, but he really cannot do it. He was already crying out loud. I called BUPA here in AUS to check what can be done in those scenarios. They said, I could tell the panel clinic that I am rejecting the sputum procedure and my son could just undergo medication. So I told the panel clinic that I am rejecting the sputum but the pulmo did not recommend any medication yet.

After few days, I received another email from BUPA requesting for my son to again do the sputum. It seems like we are just going in circles here. We have consulted my son's pedia and we have requested for an IGRA referral. We will do it this weekend (at our own expense) just to give us peace of mind if my son is indeed affected by TB. But the question is how do we proceed with the visa application in this case? I have called DHA and they have asked me to email GSM directly to request any inputs. However, it has been 2weeks already since I have sent the email - no reply yet.

Just wondering, if we proceed with the medication, will the visa processing only resume after the 6th month of doing the medication?

Would appreciate any inputs. Thanks!
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  • engineer20engineer20 SydneyTotal Reaction Points: 113Member, Moderator
    Posts: 1,533
    Can you request the panel clinic to conduct IGRA and use its result to see if your son has a false positive TST outcome?
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  • reizeilreizeil NSWTotal Reaction Points: 0Member
    Posts: 8
    Hi @engineer20, thanks for your reply. We have already requested that but they told us na its already late because the process daw is IGRA or Skin test. We were not given the option by Nationwide initially, they just did skin test.
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