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Form 815 Health Undertaking (Subclass 309/100)

Allow me to post. I am new on this forum. I just want to ask if I have the same situation here.

Timeline; Lodge October 2018
First Contact; April 2019 ask for more info
Second Contact by CO; Nov 2019 signed form 815
Immi Status; Further Assessment
Granted; Waiting

I have contacted by CO to provide and signed a form 815. The I confirm button was activated “I have provided information as requested” I I have clicked it after submitting the form and update was successful “ The application will be assigned for processing as soon as possible in line with departmental priorities. “And immi status is already “further assessment.” My question is does anybody know how long does it take to finalised the Visa. Waiting for almost 13 months. Appreciate your comment. Waiting Patiently.


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