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Hi PinoyAU,

Newbie po dito sa group. Just want to confirm kung meron po ba dito ECE grad/passers na ang profession is nasa IT industry and nung magmigrate sa Aus same pa rin ng field of work ang work nila ngayon? Currently working here in PH for more than seven years as SAP consultant pero kahit noong pre-pandemic malabong makapasa sa mga applications sa Linkedin. Nabasa ko rin po kasi sa class 189 at 190 na mahigpit pala kahit engaged lang at di pa married (out of funds pa to apply both).

Any suggestions po on how should I start my journey at ano pwede kong maging options?


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    Maybe start by taking English exam PTE/IELTS and have your skills assessed by relevant assessing authorities such as ACS or EA.

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    Does ACS or EA have assessment expiration?

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    @slice213 said:
    Does ACS or EA have assessment expiration?


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    08.08.2017 - L73/R90/S90/W73
    14.08.2017 - L73/R81/S84/W83
    06.09.2017 - L89/R88/S90/W81 - YEEEEYYYY!!!!
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    @slice213 said:
    Does ACS or EA have assessment expiration?

    Skills assessment is valid up to 3 years if the outcome letter has no expiry date. 2 years would be stated on ACS outcome letter so you would need to get re-assessed again. EA is valid indefinitely you would just have contact them to re-instate your skills assessment results close to the 3 years mark to make it current and valid as far as immigration is concerned, meaning EA will issue a new letter with the current date. Hope that helps.

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