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Questions on Student Visa

Hello po, I'm an Accountant po based in UAE and would want to move sana to Australia specifically in Melbourne. I'm looking for a Student visa as entryway pero hinde po ko alam how feasible would this be. Me question lang po ko, pacencia na po.. bago lang kase sa process::

  1. Me bearing po ba ang age for the student visa approval? I'm turning 40 na po kse this year
  2. Ano pong mga good schools to go for masters on acccounting/finance?
  3. If mag iba po ko ng course, say Counseling, me chance po ba ko na ma approve?

Salamat po sa mga sasagot


  • engineer20engineer20 Sydney
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    kung may plano ka na eventually na magapply ng PR parang magigipit ka sa oras because of age kung dadaan ka pa sa student visa

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    02Jun2015: Lodged Date at VETASSESS
    28Aug2015: VETASSESS Assessment Completed (312112 Building Associate) - POSITIVE
    17Oct2015: PTE-A taken at SG
    19Oct2015: PTE-A Result: L-83, R-90, S-76, W-90 OAS-87
    19Oct2015: Submitted EOI Visa 190 (65 points plus SS 5 points if granted)
    19Oct2015: Submitted VIC SS Online Application Visa 190
    20Oct2015: VIC acknowledged SS application and gave Reference Number
    02Nov2015: VIC SS Application Rejected
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    21Dec2015: Lodged NSW SS Application
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    01Feb2016: Medicals Cleared
    05Feb2016: Lodged Visa 190
    18Feb2016: NBI Clearance Applied (Me and Wife) - HIT
    29Feb2016: SG PCC (Wife)
    03Mar2016: Collected and Uploaded NBI Clearance
    04Mar2016: Direct Grant
    07May2016: Initial Entry (Sydney)
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