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LF: Reliable Migration Agent for Tourist Visa Application.

EllyLMEllyLM NSWPosts: 2Member

Looking for a migration agent assisting in Tourist Visa application. How much po ang rate with visa fee? Please recommend po ung mga trusted niyo na po. TYIA ☺️


  • era222era222 Philippines
    Posts: 391Member
    Joined: Mar 08, 2022
    edited February 6

    @EllyLM said:
    Looking for a migration agent assisting in Tourist Visa application. How much po ang rate with visa fee? Please recommend po ung mga trusted niyo na po. TYIA ☺️

    Unsolicited advice (hope you won't take offense!) but super manageable ng application for a Tourist Visa. I suggest you DIY it na lang, sayang bayad sa agent. 😅

    If this helps any, these were my resources! and Note lang na baka di sila updated, so cross-check na lang with DHA.

    Requirements I submitted (I am a full-time employee in the PH):

    • Passbook statements
    • Bank statements
    • Cover letter (check out yung template ni The Poor Traveler)
    • COE from current employer
    • Employment contract (current employer)
    • Itinerary
    • Payslips for the entire year to present
    • Passport biodata
    • Passport photo
    • Tax forms
    • Old passport pages (with stamps)
    • Hotel/hostel confirmation (not required/advisable, but I booked ones na free cancellation sa Booking)

    Good luck!


    "If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours". – Henry David Thoreau


    December 5: Started consulting with agents


    March 5: Hiatus to earn local experience


    February 28: Resumed my application
    June 16: PTE - Started studying on my own (Used Pearson mock tests and APEUni)
    June 21: PTE - Booked my exam
    June 23: VETASSESS - Submitted my application for 212415 Technical Writer
    June 24: VETASSESS - Status "Lodged"
    August 26: PTE - Exam at Trident Makati
    August 30: PTE - Results: SUPERIOR (LRSW 90) - Read my study/exam tips
    September 14: NAATI CCL - Booked my exam
    November 26: NAATI CCL - Exam
    November 30: VETASSESS - Requested for updated reference letter
    December 7: VETASSESS - Submitted updated reference letter
    December 16: VETASSESS - Result - POSITIVE ASSESSMENT!
    December 22: NAATI CCL - Results - Passed (77.5/90) - Just took the CCL cram course
    December 23: EOI - Lodged 190 for VIC and NSW (80+5)


    January 6: Submitted petition for correction of birth certificate (just in case)
    January 10: STATE NOM - Received pre-invite from NSW for 190 TYL / Discontinued VIC ROI
    January 23: STATE NOM - Submitted nomination approval to NSW
    January 24: Received ITA from NSW for 190 visa
    February 17: Lodged 190 visa application / Scheduled my medicals at St. Luke's BGC
    March 4: First-time visit to Melbourne and Sydney
    March 13: Medicals
    March 17: Police clearance
    xxx-xx: PR VISA GRANT

  • tigerlancetigerlance Philippines
    Posts: 527Member
    Joined: Mar 09, 2018
    edited February 7

    I think kung medyo busy si applicant sa work hindi tech savvy, well kailangan ang services ng agent.
    Mapapadali like some senior parents na hindi computer proficient. For me malaki ang tulong ng agent kasi updated sila sa mga rules and regulations

    Mas maganda rin yung bank statements will reflecting the Annual Average Daily Balance. Dun nila masusukat na hindi biglang lagay ang pera.

    Saka yung Itinerary, wag na wag makalimutan imemorise yan sa airport. Malay natin marandom na maitanong ng immigration eh, maairport to airport kasi hindi namemorise.

    Vacation Leave with company logo and name and signature of your employer (meron contact number rin) rin important kasi isa rin yan na matibay na evidence na may babalikan ka na trabaho sa Philippines

    19/04/2011 IELTS Competent L:7.0, R: 7.5, W: 6.0, S: 6.0, OBS: 6.5
    27/03/2018 PTE Proficient L:73, R: 70, W: 73, S: 78, OBS: 71
    07/07/2018 Received Passport (10 years expiry)
    08/08/2018 Received Driver's Licence 5 years
    09/10/2018 0600H EA Queued for Assessment
    29/10/2018 0530H Assessment in Progress
    29/10/2018 1200H Outcome Received (Positive)
    16/11/2019 1326H EOI Lodged 491 Family Sponsored 90 pts.
    28/11/2019 NBI Application. (HIT)
    09/12/2019 NBI Clearance Claimed at NBI Ermita for Faster processing
    09/01/2020 2100H ITA 491
    14/01/2020 Received Sponsorship Documents
    20/01/2020 Payroll Statement of Account
    27/01/2020 E medical at Nationwide Baguio
    28/01/2020 E medical No Action Required. Nationwide Submitted to DHA
    29/01/2020 Received Current Payslip
    02/02/2020 SSS Inquiry System
    07/02/2020 Reference Letter Current
    07/02/2020 Provident Fund Update
    10/02/2020 Polio Vaccination Certificate
    12/02/2020 BIR Form 2316 updated to 2019
    15/02/2020 Lodgment of Visa. Frontloaded all Docs including Form 80, 1221, 1281, medicals as per guidelines
    18/02/2020 Form 1023
    07/05/2020 CO allocated
    27/10/2020 Direct Grant. No CO Contact.
    19/05/2022 The Big Move

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