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Partner skills employment history list

vpJulievpJulie MelbournePosts: 32Member
Hi hopefully may makakasagot ng question ko. Kasi nag claim ako partner skills with my hubby. Ako main applicant. Sa pag fill-up ng visa lodgement form meron area to fill up employment history ng partner. And then ung hubby ko got a suitable assessment from ACS, tapos nagbawas lang ng 2 yrs. In this case na partner skill siya, sa listing of employment history, should I list lang the recognized years of experience or should i list all history?
Kasi ganito nangyari:
Company A > july 2006 -nov 2008
Company B > nov 2008 -sept 2010

Minus the 2 yrs, Company A becomes Aug 2008 - Nov 2008

If main applicant pa siya, ideally ganito:
Company A > Jul 2006 - july 2008 - NR
Company A > Aug 2008 - nov 2008 - R
Company B > nov 2008 - Sept 2010 - R

NR = not relevant
R = relevant

But sa partner skill list wala po kasi check box if relevant experience or not. Isasama ko pa rin ba ang na minus na years or should i only list recognized years of experience?

02.06.2015 - Started acquiring necessary documents
26.06.2015 - BC ielts speaking exam
27.06.2015 - BC ielts written exam
10.07.2015 - First ielts result - R7 L7.5 S8 W5.5(???) Retake!
11.07.2015 - Request for NBI Clearance from Motherland
21.07.2015 - Submitted ACS documents for assessment (Stage 1)
22.07.2015 - ACS assessment (Stage 2)
23.07.2015 - ACS assessment (Stage 4)
27.07.2015am - ACS assessment (Stage 4 - In Progress)
27.07.2015pm - ACS assessment: Suitable! Thank you Lord!
31.07.2015 - BC ielts Speaking
01.08.2015 - BC ielts Written exam
12.08.2015 - Got NBI clearance for me and hubby
14.08.2015 - 2nd ielts result - L8.5 R7 S7.5 W6.5 (sigh)
27.08.2015 - Hubby ACS ~ suitable (yes!)
13.09.2015 - PTE (R90 L65 W74 S79) - THANK YOU LORD
13.09.2015 - Submitted EOI (70 pts)
09.10.2015 - Invitation received for Visa 189
10.10.2015 - Lodged Visa (Day 1)
11.10.2015 - Frontloaded some docs
31.10.2015 - Medicals Done
02.11.2015 - Finalized uploading of docs
03.11.2015 - VISA GRANT (DG) ~~ Praise the Lord!

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