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De Facto Visa Applicant



  • n3n_3pqlnn3n_3pqln Singapore
    Posts: 49Member
    Joined: Sep 06, 2018

    @cucci regarding po sa requirements na nmention nyo sa previous inquiries need po ba talaga na “statutory declaration” ang ibigay na proof ng couple and friends/families? Meaning to say notarized po by the lawyer (notary public) under oath? Tama po ba pagkaintindi ko? Hndi po ba acceptable ang formal letter na with CTC lang?


    A de facto relationship refers to one that includes two people living together as a couple (including same-sex couples) on a genuine domestic basis; the couple is not legally married or related by family.

    • at least 1 year relationship
      Documentary proof can be the following:
    1. Statutory declaration by both parties in the relationship
    2. Statutory declaration from friends and/or family members/relations.
    3. Financial documents showing ownership by both members in the de facto relationship (bank statements, mortgage, real properties)
    4. Utility bills showing the same address
    5. Airline tickets and/or hotel reservations showing both your names
    6. captioned photos showing both of you together with friends and families or taking holidays together
  • cuccicucci NSW
    Posts: 907Member
    Joined: Jan 27, 2018

    @n3n_3pqln I was merely following instructions na nakita ko sa mga websites ng immigration lawyers. Sa case namin actually isa lang naman sinubmit namin na galing sa friends/relatives kasi nga medyo hassle magpagawa. Ang thinking lang namin nun ay to gather as much document as possible to avoid CO contact requesting for additional docs.


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    01.2017 | Applied to AHPRA
    04.2017 | received Letter of Referral
    09.2017 | finished BP
    11.2017 | AHPRA Registration / Employment Offer
    12.2017 | Lodged 457 Visa Application (onshore) / ANMAC Assessment
    01.2018 | 457 Visa granted / Received positive ANMAC Assessment / Submitted EOI

    04.11.2019 | Received Employer Nomination
    04.26.2019 | Submitted Visa application (186 DE)
    05.06.2019 | CO contact for medical exams
    05.09.2019 | Visa Granted (186 DE)
    (Thank you Lord!!!)

  • maveesan11maveesan11 Posts: 1Member
    Joined: Oct 16, 2019

    Hi, ano ano po ang mga documents na kailangan for PMV application?

  • CaraCara Posts: 3Member
    Joined: Dec 14, 2019

    Hello po.

    New member here. Ask lang po about partner visa application. It asked for residential address. Am I going to put my residential address in Philippines or my address in Australia? nasa Australia po kasi ako applying partner visa onshore. Thank you sa sumagot.

  • JB26JB26 Philippines
    Posts: 35Member
    Joined: Oct 12, 2018

    Good day po. May tatanong lang po sana tho sa 2020 pa yung update about sa OBA. Nagplaplano po kasi ako gawin as dependent GF ko. I will take OBA next year. Pati po ba sya mag OOBA?

    Advisable po ba na sumabay na din syang mag exam sa akin kung sakali?

    Thank you po

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