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Federal Budget Announcement 2022 – 2023 update on Australia’s immigration program

The Australian Government announced their budget planning for the financial year 2022-2023.

We understand that people who are looking to migrate to Australia often wait for this announcement and see how it could affect their current situation. Therefore, we have summarised some immigrations related key points from the budget announcement for your reference.

Key Points of the announcement

  • Migration planning level remains at 160,000 places, same as 2021-2022.
  • Skilled Migration Program will account for 70% of the permanent migration program
  • Additional places allocated as part of the Humanitarian Program for Afghan Nationals
  • Work and Holiday Visa caps increased to fulfill labour shortages in hospitality, tourism, and agricultural sectors
  • Changes to visa conditions and costs for international students and working holiday makers

Migration Program Allocation

The Australian government announced that it will keep the 2022 – 2023 migration program planning level at 160,000 for this financial year. This number remains unchanged compared to that of 2021 – 2022.

The distribution of the quota is has changed since the previous financial year, with a significantly greater allocation towards Skilled Visas:

This planning reflects that the government wants to focus on the recovery of the economy post-covid, by attracting investment and highly skilled workers.

Greater support offered to Afghan Nationals through Humanitarian Program allocations

Due to criticism of the current Australian government for their lack of support of Afghan Nationals in allocating humanitarian places within the existing humanitarian program during the recent Afghanistan crisis, the Government have announced an additional measure of support. This includes the introduction of an additional 16,500 humanitarian program places to be allocated to Afghan Nationals over the next four years. This is in addition to the current Humanitarian Program with a ceiling of 13,750 places. This means an additional 4,125 places are available to Afghan Nationals each year through Australia’s Humanitarian Program.

Working Holiday Visa caps increased

The Australian Government announced an increase to Working Holiday Visa caps to prioritise the recovery of Australia’s economy post-COVID-19. Working Holiday Visa caps will increase by 30% resulting in an additional 11,000 places. This will encourage international travellers to come to Australia and fulfill labour shortages in the hospitality, tourism, and agricultural sectors.

International Students and Working Holiday Makers: Changes to Visa Conditions and Costs

To further encourage Working Holiday Makers and International Students to travel to Australia and assist in our economic recovery, the Australian Government’s budget highlighted the previously announced changes to some visa conditions and costs.

In addition to this, Working Holiday Visa country caps are increasing by 30% in 2022-23 which will allow for an additional 11,000 backpackers to travel to Australia.

Measures of Support for Ukraine and Ukraine Nationals

According to the budget announcement, there were no additional measures of support for Ukraine. However, initial support announced earlier this month includes:

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